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Don’t let winter stop you from swimming

Mira swim spas for all levels of therapy or training

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Is swimming part of your exercise or therapy routine? Does your family enjoy time together outside by the pool during the summer but
long for the days of splashing around the other three seasons of the year? A swim spa is just the solution to keep you and your family swimming and healthy throughout the entire year.

East Coast Leisure is your source for year round swimming with a Mira Swim Spa. Whether you are looking to maintain your fitness without having to travel to a gym or to keep healthy with low impact exercises, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Mira Swim spas are energy efficient and easy to maintain, providing you with a low cost whole body health system.

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The M12000 is a great option for a user who likes to exercise and relax in the comfort of their own home. The spa end features a combination of open seating, and the exercise end features a single river jet for a gentle option of exercise against a current. The river jet can be adjusted upward or down for different workout options, and the optional exercise bands are a versatile compliment to enhance upper body strength and and flexibility.

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M14000 1R

The M14000 1R features a spacious area with a large foot base for safety and comfort. It is an excellent swim spa for users under six feet tall. Exercise equipment is optional and utilizes a flexible rod and harness system to center the swimmer. This system comes with 1 river jet to provide the user with a gentle current to swim against.

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The M140003R features an elegant and spacious area with a large foot base for safety and comfort. It is an excellent swim spa for users under six feet tall. this swim spa system comes with a flexible handle rod and harness system to center the swimmer, and it boasts 3 powerful river jets to provide the user with superior current.

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The M16000 is the perfect combination of wellness, comfort, beauty and efficiency. Standing proud at 16 feet in length, it has a large free space you can confidently swim in, as well as a beautiful relaxation area with a full lounge so you can unwind.

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The M19000 Dual Zone Swim Spa provides the luxury of a spa and the intensity of a work out experience. This spas main feature is the divided controls which allow separate temperatures, water flow and power to either spa zone. Additionally the 19 foot spa incorporates all the desired features of a spa and swim spa, providing the ultimate spa experience.

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green_energyMira Hot Tubs features the Green Energy Retention System. We bring you one of the most efficient Energy Retention Spas in the Industry. Our shell with it’s ABS Backed Acrylic and the factory applied two part Poly-Urethane System, maximizes the heat retention to save you more on your monthly power bill. Along with our 5-3” foam-filled cover, the Balboa state-of-the-art control allows you to put your spa into “sleep mode”, providing even more savings. These are some of the ways we help you save money – the Mira Hot Tub way!