Jacuzzi PowerPro Jets

Jacuzzi PowerPro Jets

Jacuzzi Exclusive PowerPro® Jets

Leaders in the Spa Industry, Jacuzzi knows Jet coverage. Variety and flexibility matter because they ensure you get your optimal massage. The exclusive Jacuzzi PowerPro® jetting system features controlled jet action which enables you to adjust to your comfort. Different muscle groups demand different types of massage jet action. Each of the versatile jets in the different Jacuzzi® Collections deliver a full range of massage, from robust and stimulating to gentle and rejuvenating. Selected adjustable jets let you control the way they perform just by turning the “face” or nozzle. 

Jacuzzi® Brand’s quality and performance is best reflected in the jetting system and the hydro-massage it provides. A Jacuzzi® hot tub inst just a jetted box of warm water; it is the culmination of 60 years of advanced engineering focused on relief. Jacuzzi’s® patented PowerPro® Jet system showcases 17 unique jets designed for flexibility, moving water expertly and efficiently.

Jacuzzi ergonomically designed jet configuration

Ergonomically Designed/Engineered Seating

It begins with you. Each seat features unique jet variety  for different body coverage and personalized massage, providing optimal hydro-massage for you. Ergonomically crafted to fit everybody, Jacuzzi® hot tubs feature sweeping corners and barrier free seating. Inviting you to stretch-out and relax. Controls customize your experience – heat and jet pressure, even lighting and sound. 


1 The FX Therapy Seat 
10 PowerPro® FX jets are set ina seat designed for maximum therapy and versatility. Stimulating, spiral action jets with adjustable pressure massage the back and neck.
2 Soaking Seat
Sink into a comfortable soaking seat and enjoy the Water Rainbow® waterfall as it falls over your shoulders.
3 ProAir Lounge Seat
Designed to distribute body weight evenly for an effective massage. The PowerPro® Jets FX Jets massage the neck and back while BX Jets target the legs and calves with an invigorating, bubbling massage. FX Jets stimulate the muscles of the feet with therapeutic relief.

4 Transition Seat
Designed for sitting partially out of the hot tub, the Transition seat lets you leave the warmth of the hot tub gradually.
5 MX Jet Therapy Seat
This deeply contoured seat and cushioned headrest position you for a powerful, high volume, low pressure massage.
6 PowerPro® Therapy Jet Seat
Four types of PowerPro® jets target the key areas of the neck, shoulders, and back letting you control the high or low pressure giving you a customized rejuvenating massage.

The Jacuzzi® PowerPro® Jets

PowerPro® Jets are available in the J-300, J-400, J-500 and J-LX Collections

PowerPro BX Jet 
PowerPro® BX
The BX “Bubbler” jet represents another Jacuzzi milestone in jet technology. As part of the exclusive ProAir Lounge system, this unique patent-pending jet massages the calves with a comforting yet rejuvenating bubbling effect.
PowerPro FX Small Jet
PowerPro® FX Small
Based on the FX Technology, the FX Small Jets are perfect for a focused massage on key pressure point areas, such as your feet. The jets are adjustable, making it easy for a perfect foot massage. 
PowerPro FX Jet
PowerPro® FX
These jets, with their unique rifling action that creates a spiral stream of air and water – perfect for stimulating small muscle groups. Fully- adjustable for high or low pressure, exclusive PowerPro® FX Jets have a rejuvenating effect and can help overworked, over-stressed muscles and joints.
PowerPro FX Large Jet
PowerPro® FX Large
The PowerPro® FX Large jets focus on the middle of the back, relieving tension and muscle strain typically caused by poor posture. The FX Large jet gives a spiral action massage to the pack promoting better circulation.
PowerPro FX Rotational Jet
PowerPro® FX Rotational
Using the same FX Technology, the PowerPro® FX Rotational jet focuses on smaller muscle groups with a kneading effect to stimulate surrounding tissue.
PowerPro FX Large Rotational Jet
PowerPro® FX Large Rotational
The PowerPro® FX Large Rotational jet offers another spectacular massage. The jet has a wide swath that provides an exceptional massage for large muscles. A stainless steel center shaft ensures non-corrosive and long-term performance.
PowerPro MX Jet
PowerPro® MX
This is the original Jacuzzi jet, perfected. Virtually every jet manufactured today is based on this unique and innovative design. The Jacuzzi PowerPro® MX Jets deliver the maximum volume of water per minute – more than any other jet available today. The big, bold massage action of the MX jet feels comforting as it works deeply to soothe tired and sore muscles.
Jacuzzi PowerPro® MX2 Jet
PowerPro® MX2
Based on the form and function of the original Jacuzzi jet created nearly 60 years ago, the new generation, patented, MX2 Jet delivers maximum volume at a higher air-to-water ratio, PowerPro® MX2 Jets are strategically located to deliver a bold massage, especially effective for muscles in the lower back.
Jacuzzi PowerPro® NX2 Jets
PowerPro® NX2
Advanced NX2 Jets effectively relieve tension and strain in the sensitive and hard-to-reach neck area with a highly focused stream of water. change the direction by adjusting the nozzle and intensity of the massage by turning the jet face.
Jacuzzi PowerPro® PX Jet
PowerPro® PX
The PX Jets provide a gentle pulsating massage which is perfect for small muscle groups in the wrists, hands and legs. With the introduction of the PX, all the major muscle groups have jets developed to target specific needs. The strength of the jet can be adjusted for different rates of flow so you are able to customize the massage to what suits you best.
PowerPro® RX Jet
PowerPro® RX
The spinning action of the PowerPro® RX is fully adjustable. Simply turn the dial on the face to customize the pressure or turn off the jet action entirely. Modest in size, the RX Jet covers a sizable area, reaching the key muscles and nerves of the back for a pampering hydro-massage.
PowerPro IX Jet
PowerPro® IX
The PowerPro® IX jet creates a dramatic stream of light and effervescence. The IX Jet merges maximum airflow with high-output LED lighting, sending multi-colored, champagne-like bubbles from the bottom of the hot tub to the surface.

The Jacuzzi® Classic Jets

Available in the J-200 Collection

PowerPro Classic Euro Jet
Classic Euro
Fully adjustable face that focuses a deep penetration massage on the muscles in the back.
PowerPro Classic Mini Jet
Classic Mini
Provides a targeted stream of water that helps release tension in the larger muscle groups.
PowerPro Classic Euro Jet
Classic Direct
Focuses in small muscles and is perfect for relieving tension and strain.
PowerPro Classic Pulsator Jet
Classic Pulsator
Fully adjustable face that provides a pulsating stream of water to soothe sore leg muscles.
PowerPro Clssic Rotational Jet
Classic Rotational
Provides a rotational action delivering a penetrating massage. the Classic Rotational Jet is adjustable for a customized massage.

PowerPro Classic Luxury Jet
Classic Luxury
Provides a deep penetrating massage that is perfect for the muscles in the back and feet.
PowerPro Classic Whirl Jet
Classic Whirl
Powerful whirlpool throughout entire spa.
PowerPro Classic Turbo Jet
Classic Turbo
Delivers a deep, forceful massage designed to soothe the back muscles. Easy to adjust.
PowerPro Classic Diverter Jet
J-210 Diverter
Swirling whirlpool to relax ad soothe.
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