Semi In Ground Pools

Semi In Ground Pools are great for the home owner that has a house built on a crawl space and wants to build a deck flush with the back door or for yards that are not flat. East Coast Leisure can install a Semi In Ground Pool up to 24″ in the ground. Depending on the application, Semi In Ground Pools can range from $6,000 to $18,000.
East Coast Leisure carries 2 Lines of Semi In Ground Pools, The Evolution SIGO54 and Radiant Pools.

Put more FUN in your summer with The EVOLUTION pool designed for semi in-ground installation.

Built for semi-inground installation, the EVOLUTION SIGO 54 is our top-of-the-line aluminum pool. Enjoy the advantages that semi-inground installation has to offer – better landscaping, convenient access and a fantastic-looking pool!

The EVOLUTION SIGO 54 oval pool system is available with the Yardmore Buttress free Oval system. This streamlined system was designed to use less space in your backyard. A structurally simplified design with the superior strength and durability of our traditional construction that is both efficient and attractive.

Sizes Available

Round Sizes: 15′, 18′, 20′, 24′, 28′
Oval Sizes: 12’x17′, 12’x24′, 15’x26′, 15’x30′, 18’x33′


Height: 54”
Top Ledge: 8” Aluminum
Upright: Aluminum
Bottom Rail: Aluminum
Stabilizer: Aluminum
Bottom Plate: Aluminum
Top Plate: Aluminum
Ledge Cover: Two-piece

Radiant Pools

Radiant Pools offer greater structural integrity over standard vinyl liner pools, along with limitless installation options, incredible warranty protection and energy savings that, over time this pool to pays for itself. Radiant Pools’ insulated wall panels make it the only pool on the market that is truly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.