Preparing your Pool or Spa for the Storm

Preparing for the storm

While Hampton Roads is not often hit by a direct hurricane, we often experience devastating weather associated with a closer than comfortable passing Hurricane. For owners of a pool or spa we would like to offer some tips for weathering the storm.

In Ground Pools

Before the Storm
If you have time to properly close the pool and install a cover, it would be recommended to do so. After the storm this would lead to one less thing to clean up and worry about.

If you cannot cover the pool, we recommend the following steps be taken BEFORE THE STORM Hits.

  • Trim loose tree branches near the pool.
  • Remove items that can blow into the pool and possibly puncture the liner or damage equipment.
  • Have the proper equipment ready for clean-up. If debris in your pool is the worst of your after-storm problems it would be helpful to have a Leaf Eater, Alkalinity Plus, a case of Shock, A Telescoping Pole with Leaf Net and Vacuum or Auto Cleaner. You may need more items, but these are likely necessary after heavy rain and debris.
  • If your back yard is prone to flooding you might try to remove any pool equipment that might get damaged. Always be careful when dealing with gas or electric. Consult a professional before connecting or disconnecting these types of items.
  • If you left your equipment connected, we generally recommend keeping it running unless you expect to have a large amount of debris in the pool, it will be better to shut the pump down and avoid the skimmer from clogging. Other than that, there is not much we can recommend doing until after the storm.

During the Storm

What to Do and what NOT TO DO during the storm

  • There isn’t much you can do or should do try to do during the storm. The pool will likely overflow, that’s common. Don’t worry about getting the extra water out until after the storm has passed, then you can drain it to the proper level.

After the Storm
Assuming the weather has passed and you do not have any safety issues to deal with (Prioritize the importance of the damage in and around your home and property). When you are ready to deal with the pool, here are our recommendations.

  • Remove all debris possible with a net and Leaf Vac. Carefully pull and remove any debris (large branches, furniture, foreign objects) that can damage the liner.Once the majority of the debris has been removed, reconnect your equipment if necessary and turn on the pump and filter.
  • Vacuum out remaining debris then test your water. You can bring a water sample into any East Coast Leisure location for a FREE Water Analysis where we can properly diagnose your chemical needs.
  • If your Liner does sustain damage, contact East coast Leisure 

Other Concerns to be aware of.

Floating Liner

One of the most common issues that we run across during flooding is a floating liner. This occurs with in-ground liner pools that are in areas prone to groundwater. Some pools have a built in pump to drain water out from under the the liner which will eventually equalize the the liner, but in most cases it will require someone capable of draining and resetting the liner. Depending on the demand, East Coast Leisure can provide assistance with this issue. If you have a floating liner you can fill out our service request form. You can also call at (757) 340-9882 to schedule a service call.


Storm Damage

If your pool or spa has sustained damage from the storm, please email a photo as well as your contact information. We will be happy to assist you whether is it advice on fixing a minor repair to getting an insurance quote for major damage.

Hot Tubs /Spas

There are a few things you can do to avoid damage to your hot tub during a storm.

Before the Storm

  • Remove any overhanging tree branches.
  • Move any items that are in the area of the hot tub that might cause damage if they become airborne.
  • Secure the cover. If possible, use a strap that can be clamped down over the spa cover to prevent the wind from blowing the cover open.
  • If your hot tub is in an area that might flood, you should consider the likelihood and cut the power off at the GFCI.

After the Storm

If you have damage that requires an insurance quote, please send your contact information and photo of the damage to

If you need to replace a spa cover, please go to our Spa Cover Request page and follow the instructions where we can assist you from there.