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Housewarmings Outdoor Premium Outdoor Kitchen Islands

With Housewarmings Outdoor you can choose from any of the stock Kitchen Island configurations or add components and additional base units to build the island that suits your needs. Base units are available without Grills, allowing you to combine a standard base with a grill base to create larger island configurations.

Titan Grills

Kitchen Islands from Housewarmings Outdoors feature the Titan Grill, a top of the line professional grill that speaks for itself in performance and design. 

Titan Grill Head 
Grill Heads Titan’s dual lined 304 commercial grade stainless steel grill heads are both attractive and functional. Our curved hood with polished edges and ergonomically designed handles set us apart from the crowd. 
Grates Titan uses commercial grade 8mm solid stainless steel cooking grates and full length warming racks. Our heavy duty grates hold in the heat and transfer that heat into the food. This process seals in moisture and flavor while creating restaurant quality sear marks that will be sure to impress your family and friends. Our warming racks expand your cooking space and are great for breads and vegetables


Cooking Titan’s unique briquette cooking system is second to none. Titan brings you the perfect combination of direct and radiant heat grilling. Traditional open flame cooking systems can dry out your food and char the edges. Our cooking system reduces flare-ups and allows for more even heat distribution which results in better cooking and more importantly, better tasting food.

Burner Titan’s 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner expands your cooking capabilities by enabling you to use your grill for baking, roasting, and rotisserie style cooking.

Titan Heat
Heat All Titan grills come equipped with commercial grade, side ported, and stainless steel tube burners. The use of straight burners helps to ensure even heat distribution.
Titan Knobs
Knobs Titan’s knobs are die cast with stainless steel bezels. Each knob is engraved and hand painted with a red flame that allows you to easily see the cooking position of each burner.

Titan components
Components Titan offers a full line of commercial grade components. All of our components are 100% stainless steel. Each piece is finished off with polished chrome handles.

Single Side Burner Our Single Side Burner packs a powerful punch. It features 12,000 BTUs of cooking power for those massive pots of chili or soups.

Refrigerator The Housewarmings refrigerator features a stainless steel front panel along with 4.6 Cubic Ft. of storage including a freezer. Unlike many others, our refrigerator is also lockable and includes two keys.

Tile Options

Granite Options

Stucco Base Options

Stone Base Options