Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and resurgence with the 6-person hot tub. Powerful and spacious, this hot tub features enough space for you to share the experience with up to six guests.


Jacuzzi Tub seats 6Jacuzzi J245J-245™ Classic 6-Person Hot Tub with Open Seating
Spacious enough to comfortably fit up to seven guests, this spa will act as the entertainment center of your backyard
Luxurious, yet affordable, the J-245™ model boasts Classic Jets that provide a powerful massage, including four Rotational Jets as well as being the only Hot Tub in the J-200™ Collection to feature a jetted foot dome
This value spa also includes a back and shoulder waterfall, LED lighting and an open-seating arrangement to ensure rest and relaxation for all



Jacuzzi Tub seats 6Jacuzzi J280 J-280™ Classic Large Hot Tub with Lounge Seating
TheJacuzzi® J-280™ Hot Tub, features a luxury design that seats up six to seven adults
The J-280™ includes powerful Classic Jets to provide invigorating hydrotherapy, including six Bold Rotational Jets.
The tub also comes equipped with LED lighting and a waterfall to further create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience
– See more at: http://www.jacuzzi.com/hot-tubs/j-200/j-280/#sthash.hpCVZaH3.dpuf



Jacuzzi Tub seats 6Jacuzzi J365J-365™ Large Comfort Open Seating Hot Tub for 6-7
The Jacuzzi® J-365™ Hot Tub is the perfect backyard oasis with enough space for up to seven adults to soak
Experience the PowerPro® Therapy Seat, plentiful PowerPro® Jets, including 19 FX Jets, and jetted foot dome guaranteed to relax and rejuvenate as it spoils your muscles from the top of your neck to the bottom of your feet
A soothing Water Rainbow® waterfall, LED-lit footwell, backlit pillows and illuminated cup holders round out this spacious hot tub



Jacuzzi Tub seats 6Jacuzzi J385Largest Open Seating Hot Tub in the Comfort Collection
The Jacuzzi J-385™ hot tub is the flagship model of the J-300™ collection, with plenty of room for up to six or seven adults
Boasts PowerPro® Therapy Seat and prime PowerPro® Jets, including 17 FX Jets and a jetted foot dome, you are guaranteed to experience a state of pure relaxation
A soothing waterfall that cascades down your neck and shoulders and LED-illuminated footwells, pillows and cup holders round out this star model of the Collection



Jacuzzi Tub seats 6Jacuzzi J470J-470™ Designer Open Seating Hot Tub for 6-7
The J-470™ Hot Tub is equipped to deliver a superior hydromassage for six to seven adults
This model combines multiple PowerPro® Jets, from FX Jets for your neck to six elite RX Jets for your back to the illuminated IX Jet in the foot dome
The Jacuzzi® J-470™ luxury spa also includes a status indicator light for quick reference, illuminated cup holders, dual lit waterfalls, and glowing logo lights and pillows to create an inviting ambience for your backyard party or solo relaxation.



Jacuzzi Tub seats 6Jacuzzi J495J-495™ Designer Spacious Entertainer’s Hot Tub
Boasting room for eight to nine adults, the roomy Jacuzzi® J-495™ Hot Tub model is perfect for large gatherings
Packed with plenty of premium PowerPro® Jets, this model includes 11 robust RX Jets for your back and a breathtaking illuminated IX Jet in the foot dome
In addition to lighted cup holders and dual neck and shoulder-soothing waterfalls, the J-495™ features LED lighting in the logo, pillows and cup holders to add to the ambiance



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