5 – 6 PERSON
Five-person hot tubs are the life of the party. These spacious tubs offer plenty of room for five adults to comfortably indulge in the stress-melting massage options and the tension-reducing Jacuzzi® jets.

Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi J235J-235™ Classic 6-Person Spa with Lounge Seating
This affordable and efficient hot tub comfortably sits six adults
The Jacuzzi® J-235™, delivers high performance hydrotherapy without breaking the bank with versatile Classic Jets, including four Rotational Jets and lounge seating
Features a waterfall and LED lighting to soothe and relax your mind and body




Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi J275J-275™ Classic Large Hot Tub with Lounge Seating
When you’re in search of an affordable yet inviting hot tub that seats up to six adults, look no further than the Jacuzzi® J-275™
This model features powerful Classic Jets, boasting six robust Rotational Jets and lounge seating
With enough room to comfortably relax and rejuvenate, interior lighting and a soothing waterfall help to create the ultimate oasis within your price range




Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi J345J-345™ Comfort 6-Person Open Seating Spa
The Jacuzzi® J-345™ model boasts open seating with room for five to six adults
This spa comes equipped with superior PowerPro® Jets, including 19 bold FX Jets, and a jetted foot dome to provide you with hydromassage at its finest
Enjoy the comfort of the contoured seats with pillow headrests as the waterfall and LED lights boost your state of relaxation




Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi J355J-355™ Comfort 6-Person Hot Tub Lounger with Cool Down Seat
The Jacuzzi® J-355™ Hot Tub offers lounge seating and room for up to six adults
This roomy spa delivers a deep-tissue, full-body massage with superior PowerPro® Jets, including the ProAir Lounge seat, the FX-10™ Therapy Seat and 14 FX Jets
Set the ambiance with the waterfall and LED ProLites in the footwell, pillows and illuminated cup holders whether enjoying a solo soak or inviting friends to join you



Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi J375J-375™ Comfort 6-Person Spa with Largest Lounge Seat
The Jacuzzi® J-375™ Hot Tub offers room for up to six adults
The tension-reducing PowerPro® Therapy Seat, lounge seating and superior PowerPro® Jets, including 18 FX Jets, provide a hydrotherapy haven for your mind and body
Enjoy the calming effect of the Water Rainbow® waterfall, illuminated cup holders and LED lighting throughout




Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi J480J-480™ Large Designer 6-Seater Lounge Spa
With room for six adults, the Jacuzzi® J-480™ model epitomizes luxury with a sleek, modern design
The Jacuzzi® J-480™ spa boasts premium PowerPro® Jets, which provide a total-body massage including six RX Jets, an illuminated IX Jet in the foot dome and small but mighty PX Jets for your wrists in the lounge seat
This hot tub model also features plenty of LED accents from the feel-good dual waterfalls to the logo light, pillows and cup holders



Jacuzzi Seats 5Jacuzzi JLXThe J-LX® Energy-efficient Open Seat Hot Tub
The Jacuzzi® J-LX® hot tub combines comfort and modern style for six to seven adults while minimizing energy costs
Top-of-the-line PowerPro® Jets, including four bold RX Jets, combine performance with comfortable seating without compromising hydromassage power
The modern, streamlined design combined with LED lighting on the perimeter, underwater and in the back and neck waterfall all combine to exceed California Energy Efficiency standards



Jacuzzi J575Jacuzzi J575J-575™ Luxury Lounge Seating Centerpiece Hot Tub
With room for 5-6 adults, the breathtaking J-575™ Hot Tub also features a therapeutic lounge seat for full-body relaxation
Boasts a new PowerPro® FX Directional Jet designed to relieve tension and improve circulation in the hips
Highlights a designer woven exterior and architectural corner lighting outside, and dual ProEdge™ Waterfalls and interior illumination inside


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